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Our Founder

A small business venture, which wishes to grow while enabling the community to stay healthy.

We have selected cycling as a tool to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Islamabad bicycle and accessories sale/purchase name has been given to this venture considering it is positioned in Islamabad and focus to provide turnkey solutions for cycling.

Islamabad is blessed with scenic views, excellent cycling tracks, beautiful weather and everything which an individual to stay healthy. Cycling is a worldwide sport, which is used for adventure, commute, thrill. We are ready to serve our customers’ all need not ­­just limited to the provision of branded bicycles, used, refurbished all types of bicycles.

Trinx a world-renowned brand is our partner, and we are official dealer for the brand in Islamabad.

Our cycling studio is equipped with all kinds of apparel, accessories, tools which are required for cycling. Other than this we have expert mechanics to fix any problem associated with the bicycles. In addition to this, we facilitate our stakeholders for selling their old bicycles and get a new one. Upgradation of old bikes with authentic parts is another area, which we take pride to serve.

We don’t want to be the selling entity only, but to provide complete solution and facilitation to our stakeholders.


Our mission to encourage society to adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Our vision is to continually improve the way of life, through cycling and making it available for the masses.

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